Marketing mix and students’ enrolment in private Universities in Kwara State, Nigeria

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East African School of Higher Education and Development, College of Education & External Studies, Makarere Univeristy, Kampala, Uganda


his study aimed at presenting an acceptable marketing mix for private universities in Kwara State. The study observed the increasing number of applicants and relates this to the not too impressive patronage of these admission seekers to private universities. The study adopted a survey research method and used a research questionnaire titled “Marketing Mix Services and Students Enrollment”. The data collected were analysed using means, t-test and Pearson product-moment correlation statistics. The findings revealed that marketing mix can increase student enrollment and that the application of marketing mix is still low for private universities in the state. It was therefore concluded that marketing mix adoption would significantly boost students’ enrollment for these universities. Hence, the study recommended that the universities identify the marketing mix that suits their situation. The universities are also urged to use price and promotion to enhance their student population and, by so doing, enhance their income base.



Marketing mix, Enrolment, Price and promotion