Impact of activity based costing on firms’ performance and firms’ value creation function: The Nigerian experience.

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Journal of Social and Management Sciences. Published by the Faculty of Social Sciences, Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria.


The advent of globalization and its attendant competitive pressures appear to imply that the more successful firms will be those that evolve strategic initiatives continually. Such strategic initiative is to reduce cost through the use of cost management techniques; and one of such technique is activity-based costing. This paper, examined the impact of the adoption and implementation of activity-based costing, as a contemporary cost management technique tool, on firms performance using Nigerian quoted companies. The study adopted a survey methodology. Data were collected from 38 manufacturing companies with offices located in Lagos State, Nigeria using a questionnaire. The data were analyzed using Kendall t-tab correlations and regression analysis. Results obtained suggest that the adoption of activity based costing significantly influence firnm's performance and that it has a significant positive relationship with firm 's value creation function.



Activity based costing, Firm's performance, Firm value creation, Nigeria