A Semiotic Investigation of Links between Prorairesis Code of Ifa and Ayo Olopon among the Yoruba

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Department of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages


Ifa is believed to be the foundation of Yoruba culture. This means that every aspect of Yoruba life, including religion, philosophy, science, ideology, recreation, literature, etc. has one link or another with Ifa. This research work is aimed at relating Ifa with ayo Olopon on one hand and also relating line tracing in Ifa divination with ayo Olopon on the other hand. Semiotics, which is the science of signs, is adopted as the theoretical approach because symbolism underlies Ifa divination system. This work relies substantially on Yoruba literary texts (especially Ifa literary corpus) and survey method for the collection of data. It is found out from this study that, the objectives of Ija divination and ayo Olopon cannot be realized without the use of lines. It is equally discovered' that there is synergy between prorairesis code in Ifa and ayo Olopon game. The prorairesis code relates with the concept of lineage family pattern in Yoruba tradition. The work establishes and concludes, that African symbols, objects and artifacts are the recipe for establishing African beliefs system.



Ifa, ayo olopon, prorairesis, code, semiotics, lineage