Uncommon presentation of foetal bone retention after surgical induced abortion- A case report

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College of Medical Sciences, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria


Retention of foetal bone after termination of pregnancy is an uncommon gynaecological condition which may be symptomatic with its common features, asymptomatic or present with rather uncommon features. We present a 27 year old Para 0+1 single lady who was referred for suspected cervical carcinoma. She presented with foul smelling watery vaginal discharge and post coital bleeding following a surgical induced abortion performed 8 years prior to presentation. Her mother was receiving treatment for cervical cancer at the time of her presentation. Further evaluation confirmed retained foetal bones; they were removed and the symptoms stopped. The case highlights an uncommon presentation of retained foetal bone in the cervix mimicking cervical malignancy. It is a diagnosis that should be considered as a possible complication of pregnancy termination..



Surgical induced abortion, foetal bone retention, uncommon presentation