Perception and Usage Pattern of e-books among Library and Information Science

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DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology,


This study examined the perception and usage pattern of e-book among LIS undergraduate students from selected five universities. Questionnaire was used to collect data from the respondents. Five research questions were developed and answered. The findings demonstrate that LIS undergraduate students still use e-books more compare to print books. The results also reveal that LIS undergraduate students have positive perception of e-book as it enhance learning effectiveness, assist to finish course content/outline; makes reading faster; easy to use and with clear graphical illustrations. The usage pattern of e-books among LIS undergraduate students is majorly for research purpose and the majority is highly satisfied with reading e-books. The major problem encountered by the students with e-books is the difficulties reading on the computers or internet, followed by the cost of e-book reader. The study recommended based on these findings that university authority and library of the participating institutions should make e-books readers available in large quantity. Doing so is assumed will increase the use of e-books and further arouse the interest of the students . Keywords: Perception; Usage pattern; E-books; Reading; Attitude; Undergraduates; Nigeria



Perception, Usage pattern, E-books, Reading;, Attitude, Undergraduates