Governments using Heuristic Technique and Evaluation of Websites of Nigerian State Automated Tool

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African Journal of Computing & ICT


The immense improvement in digital revolution across the globe has motivated several governments to adopt the use websites. The accessibility result using FAE 2.0 evaluation tool showed that Benue state official website has highest are yet to fulfilthe goal(s) due to low level of usability delivery –accessibility, quality, and privacy, which calls for recommendations are made to make Nigeria’s states websites be in the competitive race with those of developed of ICTs in their administrative dispositions and government-citizens transparent communications, thereby, approach employed is the use of automated tool and checklist-based evaluation approach. Our findings reveal that a Implementation status, and likewise labels both the Benue and Sokoto states official websites with the Partial continuous evaluation of their websites. Nigeria is also not different in this global drive motive, a country with a vast landmass, made up of 36 states and Federal Capital Abuja, and 774 local governmentsacross the 6 geopolitical substantial number of the states under investigation were found with our heuristic assessment to have functional Implementation Required (PI-R) status against others with Not Implemented (NI-R) status. Conclusively, regions. This study presents an evaluation of E-government website of states in Nigeria. The methodological implementation level score in terms of Violations, Warnings, Manual Checks, & Passed Rulesets, and increasing citizens’ awareness and expectations of Internet-based services. However, most e-governments adopters nations’.



State government, heuristic technique, egovernment, website evaluation, automated tool