Prevalence of Human Genital Ureaplasma sp. in a Cohort of Subjects in Southern and Northern, Nigeria

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Nig. J. Pure & Appl. Sci.. A (27): 3186-3191.


Ureaplasma sp. can be found on the mucosal surfaces of the cervix or vagina of 40 to 80% of sexually matured women and implicated in several complications from urethritis to miscarriages. This study was thus aimed at ascertaining the prevalence of genital Ureaplasma sp. in Southern and Northern, Nigeria. Qualitative case controlled study was carried out in two different cities in Nigeria, while convenience sampling and a closed ended questionnaire where used to obtain data from 824 subjects. Triplicate urogenital swabs were taken from participants and transferred into transport and culture media. Specimens were inoculated onto A7 agar incubated at 37oC, for 5 days in 5% CO2. Cultures were examined microscopically daily for 5 days for the appearance of typical mycoplasma colonies. Results showed that Ureaplasma sp. was isolated from 22 of 70 males (31.4%) at the Northern Nigerian location, and from 19 of 70 males (27.1%) at the Southern Nigerian location. In females, 83 of 156 (53.2%) swabs were positive at JUTH, and 50 of 104 (48%) at LUTH. At the two locations, a total of 324 asymptomatic participants were sampled, and 28(8.6%) were positive. The prevalence rate of Ureaplasma sp. among the sexually transmitted disease (STD) patients was 24% while a value of 3.9% was recorded for the STD controls. Risk factors associated with genital Ureaplasma sp infection among the subjects include subjects with STI (p value=0.030), those with multiple number of sexual partners (p value=0.040), lack of the use of condoms (p value=0.014), age of sexual debut <18 years of age (p value=0.023) subjects with low socioeconomic status in occupation (p value=0.020), and level of education (p value=0.025). The association of genital mycoplasmas infections was strongest in participants <40 years of age (p value=0.059).



Sexually transmitted infections, Demographic information, Ureaplasma, Risk factors


Faculty of Physical Sciences and Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Ilorin, Nigeria.