Energy security and war on terror: Sketching US relations with the Gulf of Guinea under President Trump's administration

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Adonis and Abbey Publishers, London, UK


The triumph of President Donald Trump in the November 2016, US presidential election has confounded scholars of US politics and the electoral process. In a classic term, Donald Trump was seen as a wild card and his candidacy shrouded in controversies. While on campaign and since inauguration, President Trump views and pronouncements on core issues notably; Globalization, the Trans-Atlantic Alliance, Energy, Global Security and Terrorism, among others, have raised concerns among allies and foes. Informed by the controversies surrounding President Trump and the new administration, this paper examines US-Africa‘s relations using the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) as a point of reference. The study is situated within the context of the strategic importance of GoG in the calculations of the US, China and Nigeria especially as it relates to the region‘s oil and gas riches, war on terror, fight against piracy, and oil bunkering among other issues. It examines what might be the fate of US-GoG relations under the Trump administration.



Oil, Terrorism, United States, President Trump, Gulf of Guinea


African Renaissance