Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) and Counter Insurgency Operation in Borno State, Nigeria

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Journal of Sustainable Social and Management Sciences


The mandate of Military and Para-military Joint Task Force (JTF) to restore normalcy in the North-eastern part of Nigeria where Boko-haram insurgency is prevalent, is recently complemented by a vigilante group calls Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) due to some inherent lapses requiring civilian efforts. This study, therefore, assessed the roles and relevance of informal counter insurgency operation in Borno State. It employed qualitative approach in sourcing for its data. Findings revealed that involvement of Civilian Joint Task Force has helped to curb insurgency positively in restoring peace in Borno State. Their impact led to the reduction of destructive activities of the Boko-haram insurgents, protection of lives and properties, arrest and handing over of the suspected insurgents to Police and Military. It was discovered that though the involvement of Civilian Joint Task Force in counter insurgency operation has recorded some effects in Borno state, there is need for adequate training of Civilian Joint Task Force. Governments should design a Para-military training programme for them in order to improve in their performances, and enacting the law that will permit civilians in involving in the counter insurgency operation in Nigeria.



Civilian Joint Task Force, Counter Insurgency, Operation