Igbomina and the Dilemma of Promoting Good Neighbourliness: A Historical Analysis.

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Published by the Historical Society of Nigeria.


The nexus of this paper bothers on Igbomina's dilemma of promoting good neighbourliness. It contends that both in the past and present, the Igbomina have constantly fallen casualty of and suffered the boomerang effect of their peaceful disposition. They have often received folks and foes they could have successfully repelled at outset. Findings reveal that Igbomina, today, is a product of three significant factors: geography, history and the character of her people. These made her susceptible to local (Nupe, Fulani/Ilorin, Ibadan) and British imperial onslaughts. This study extrapolates the interplay of history and the esoteric law of 'Cause and Effect'. The paper adopts the historical, narrative and analytical approach, with a combination of primary and secondary sources, media reports and researcher's general personal observations over the years. Concisely, this study elucidates Igbomina's traumatic experience vis-à-vis her many neighbours. It recommends among others, a symbiotic concerted commitment of all communities towards embracing the traditional ethics, and universal principles of good neighbourliness enunciated by the United Nations. It concludes that for the Igbomina, with the unabated Bororo-Fulani infiltration and menace, the past is in the present. This portends a serious danger-signal and the thrust of the present dilemma.



Igbomina, Dilemma, Good neighbourliness, Hospitality


Aboyeji, A. J. (2016): Igbomina and the Dilemma of Promoting Good Neighbourliness: A Historical Analysis. Journal of Historical Society of Nigeria, (JHSN) Volume 25, 2016, 80-101. Published by Historical Society of Nigeria.