Government Assistance for Informal Sector Enterprises in Nigeria

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Faculty of Integrated Development Studies, University of Development Studies, Ghana


The informal sector has remained crucial to the Nigerian economy over the years in terms of employrnent and income generation for the teeming urban semi-skilled and unskilled labour. Over the years in Nigeria, there has been growing concern about the problems and expectotions of the informal sector in spite of the support services floated of the .government. This study, therefore examines the level of government support received by tire repair operators; their problems end expectations. The! study involved the use of primary data collected through a structured questionnaire, which was personally administered. It found that government support in terms of finance and training was limited to 'take off' and had little or no provision for already existing operators, who required some support for expansion and modernization. The study also found that the major problems militating against tire repair service are fuel scarcity, spare part problem, lack of access to credit and multiple taxes based on the findings above, there is the need to refocus government informal sector support instruments through Unproved funding. The government should also address the energy problem and eliminate multiple taxes which are inimical to the growth and development of the informal sector.



Informal sector, Government Assistance, Micro-Enterprise, Business Development