Adsorption of Pb(II) by Modified and Activated prepared from Deniella oliveri Stem bark

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Chemical Society of Nigeria


eniella oliveri stem bark was modified using citric acid and activated chemically in the Laboratory. The samples were characterized by physico-chemical and spectroscopic methods. The physico-chemical methods used include ash content, point of zero charge, pH, moisturecontent, bulk density, volatile component and iodine value while the spectroscopic methods used are X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and Scanning Electron microscopy. The prepared adsorbents were employed in adsorption of Pb(II) ion from aqueous solution and influence of some physicochemical parameters on the adsorption process were also investigated.The adsorption data fitted the Langmuir adsorption data better than the Freundlich isotherm with correlation coefficients of 0.988 and the result of kinetics studies revealed that the data followed the pseudo-second order best which implies that the adsorption process is a chemical process. The result of this study revealed that citric acid modified bark stem has a higher adsorption capacity when compared with the activated one.



Deniella oliveri; Adsorption; Adsorption isotherm; Pollution, Heavy metals; Lead(II) ions