Assessment of personal income tax knowledge among the University of Ilorin Staff

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Department of Accounting & Finance and Business Administration, Fountain University, Osogbo


Taxpayers’ knowledge of what constitutes taxable income, claimable tax reliefs and allowance and applicable tax rates reduces uncertainty within the tax system. Inadequate knowledge of the tax system may affect tax compliance adversely. This study assesses personal income tax knowledge among the University of Ilorin Staff. Using proportional stratified random sampling technique, sample size of three hundred and sixty five (365) staff was chosen from both academic and nonacademic staff. Data was collected through the use of a structured questionnaire; the study applies both descriptive and inferential statistics. The Mann-Whitney U and Kruskal-Wallis tests were used in testing the hypotheses of the study. Results indicate that staff of the University of Ilorin have relatively low knowledge of personal income tax. However, the personal income tax knowledge of the nonacademic staff is higher than academic staff. The personal income tax knowledge of males and female staff are the same and also, there is significant difference in personal income tax knowledge levels across four different educational qualifications of the staff.



Tax, Taxation, Tax Knowledge, Personal Income Taxation