Automation of Library (Codes) Development for Content Management System (CMS)

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Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA


Previous researchers have found that most programmers or web developer usually have problems with the generation of libraries, creation of databases and the integration of the two aforementioned. These problems also include the re writing of libraries for different applications, maintenance of already written libraries in case of any changes in database or vice versa. Various kinds of open source softwares are usually used in the creation of web applications or content management systems. However, these problems are relative due to the level of the programmer and the programming paradigm employed by the programmer. This paper presents a Library (Codes) Generating Machine that can be used to solve these problems, for it automatically generates libraries and creates databases based on the approach employed by the programmer. The two ways that are adopted in the usage of this system are either starting from the creation of database and its tables (Backward Approach i. e. starting from database design) or from the creation of class(es) (Forward approach i. e. starting from object identification).



Content Management System, Code generator


19. Mustapha M. O. & Balogun, A. O.. (2013): Automation of Library (Codes) Development for Content Management System (CMS). International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA). 53(14):51-57.