Effect of Double-T and V-shaped Pipe Configurations and Perforations on the Quality of Chicken Litter Compost

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FUOYE Journal of Engineering and Technology


Livestock waste management has received much attention because of the huge volume and instability. One of the good management practices adopted to address this menace is composting. This study examined the effect of specialized passively aerated composters on some physicochemical properties of chicken litter. The composter is made up of six double T and V shaped pipe with three different perforation diameters of 15, 20 and 25 mm. Pile configuration of the developed composters had marked effect on total nitrogen content (p 0.05) of the compost subjected to 90 days composting time. The composters had uniform air distribution as pile temperature was not significantly affected by pile configuration, perforation size, and their interactions. Furthermore, both T and V shaped pipe structures reached a thermophilic temperature of 49.0 and 67 oC respectively and the compost stabilized in the 12th week. From the agronomic point of view, V-shaped pipe outperformed double inverted T pipes with perforation sizes of 15 and 20 mm. Overall result from this study suggests that double-T and V-shaped composters are feasible composting systems that can enhance biodegradation, maturation, and stability of chicken litter.



compost, litter, composter, double-T, pile, perforation