Factors Associated with Psychiatric Morbidity Among Patients with Cancer in A Nigerian Tertiary Hospital

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Association of Psychiatrist in Nigeria.


Background Psychiatric morbidity is common among cancer patients. In our setting, psychosocial and clinical factors associated with psychiatric morbidity In these patients are yet to be well studied. Alms The study was aimed at determining the factors that are associated with psychiatric morbidity among patients with cancer In a Nigerian tertiary hospital. Method: Over a 6-month period, all consenting consecutive patients who were diagnosed with cancer and admitted into the surgical and gynaecological wards were interviewed using the Present Slate Examination (PSE), a sociodemographic and a clinical data collection sheet. Results The prevalence of psychlatric morbidity among the 63 patients studied was 44.4% (28 of 63 patients). Four (6.3% ) had adjustment disorders, 5 (7.9%) had generalized anxiety disorder, 4 (6.3%f had delirium, one (1 .6%) organic halluclnosls, one (1.6%) schizophrenia-like disorder, 13 (20.6%) had depressive illness with 2 (3.2%) having deliberately harmed themselves. There was a significant assodatlon between psychiatric morbidity and a feeling that friend have not been of help since onset of illness (X2 = 4.12; p =0.03) and more evidence of radlologlcal spread of disease (X2=0.43; p =0.005). Though not to a significant level, reduced income since onset of illness, worry about finances, less religious and social activities, allay of concern through explanation of nature of illness by doctors, less satisfaction with overall personal relationship, past history of psychiatric illness, and co-morbldity in terms of hypertension and diabetes were observed. Conclusion: There was a significant association ·between psychiatric morbidity on one hand and a feeling that friends have been not been of help since onset of illness, increased evidence of radiological spread of disease and formal counselling during the Index admission. We suggest a need for better communication and counselling of cancer patients and more social support of the patients, not Just by family members, but also friends and slgnlficant others.



Predictive factors, Cancer, Nigeria


Makanjuola A.B., Buhari O. N. (2009). Factors Associated with Psychiatric Morbidity Among Patients with Cancer in A Nigerian Tertiary Hospital. Nigerian Journal of Psychiatry, 7(1): 21-25