Discrimination and Women Career Prospects in the Kaduna State Policecommand

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Department of Sociology, Bayero University, Kano-Nigeria.


Women suffer a range of discrimination worldwide in the Police Force from recruitment, ranking sex discriminations to sexual harassment. While there are studies on this general discrimination, this study therefore, explore the nature of the discrimination in the NP and examined there impact on the performance and career development of women in the NP. Both quantitative and qualitative methods were used to generate data for the study. The quantitative data was obtained via administration of questionnaire. A total number of one hundred and eighty (180) questionnaires were distributed from which one hundred and forty two (142) were recovered and analyzed. The qualitative data on the other hand was collected through the use of Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and the In-depth Interview (IDI). Two groups of six were drawn from the target population, one comprising only the women while the second group comprising only the men. The result of the analyses shows the different nature of discriminations that exist in the NP and how these discriminations very seriously affect both performance and career progress of women in the NP. Consequently, the paper recommended that female officers should be treated with equity in all the departments of the Police; they should not be discriminated against, either base on sex, training and ethnicity among others and emphasis should be on capacity and ability not sex for the role allocations in the police force.


Survey research


Discrimination; Women; Nigeria Police; Career Prospect


8. Isiaka, M. (2014): Discrimination and Women Career Prospects in the Kaduna State Policecommand. Bayero Sociologist, A Journal of Sociological Studies (SOJOSS). 1(5); 1-26, Published by the Department of Sociology, Bayero University, Kano-Nigeria.