Synthesis and Structural analysis of aluminium-filled polystyrene composites from recycled wastes

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Journal of Environmental Research, Engineering and Management


In this study, the effects of powdered Aluminium (Al) as reinforcing fillers for polystyrene-based resin (PBR) matrix has been evaluated based on the analysis of mechanical and structural properties. Samples were prepared by hand lay-out technique enhanced with the usage of single roller. The PBR was reinforced by Aluminium powders (μm) at selected weight fractions of (0, 5, 10, and 15 %) and investigated by X-ray diffraction (XRD) physical and mechanical testing. The study of mechanical properties includes: elongation at break, time to failure and young modulus. The XRD studies confirmed no chemical reaction but rather the introduction of crystalline structure in the polystyrene matrix based on the amount of aluminium content and the even distribution of aluminium powder in the matrix. The tensile strength increased with increasing filler content; however elongation at break and time to break showed decrement as the weight fraction of aluminium powder is increased in the composites. The mechanical and XRD analysis demonstrated that the presence of aluminium micro particles in PBR matrix enhances structural properties of the composites.



Composite, Polystyerene based resin, Aluminium reinforcement, Mechanical Properties