Predictor of Nursing Mothers’ Accessibility to Child Welfare Services: A Case of Palm Avenue Primary Health Care Centre, Mushin, Lagos State

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Islamic University Multidisciplinary Journal (IUMJ)


Child welfare is an integral part of maternal and child health care that constitutes a major component of primary health care services designed to promote health and prevent diseases among children. This study main objective is to investigate the predictors of nursing mothers’ Knowledge, accessibility to and willingness to use child welfare services in Palm Avenue Primary Health Care Centre, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria. A descriptive cross-sectional survey is used in this study. The study population for this study were all nursing mothers attending clinic at Palm Avenue Mushin Local Government Area, Lagos, Nigeria from which 134 respondents were selected by convenient sample method for this study. A 38 question-items questionnaire was used to obtain data from nursing mothers and analysis of the data was done using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software Version 20.0. Findings revealed that, attitude of health workers (56.3%), lack of money (49.2%), and support received from the families, (46.9%) influenced mothers’ health seeking behaviour visit child welfare centers. A significant association also existed between the attitude, the age, marital status of nursing mothers (X2=7.317, P-value= 0.026) and nature of their occupation (X2 =15.423, P-value=0.001respectively with the attendance of the child welfare health facilities in study area. This study concluded that attitudinal issues of workers, economic factors, marital status and occupational affiliations of mothers are predictors of nursing mothers’ accessibility to and utilization of child welfare services. It is therefore recommended that healthcare professionals and managers should intensify effort on ameliorating these factors to encourage access to and utilization of child health welfare services.



Accessibility; nursing mothers; child welfare care; Palm Avenue Mushin Local Government Area, Lagos State


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