Date-Coconut Drink: Physico-chemical and Sensory Qualities.

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Published by Daffodil International University, Bangladesh.


This study evaluates the nutritional and sensory qualities of Date-Coconut drink that was prepared from a combination of Date palm juice and Coconut milk. The Treatments consist of a control (A) - Date palm drink; 50% Date palm juice and 50% Coconut milk B; 25% Date palm juice and 75% Coconut milk C; 75% Date palm juice and 25% Coconut milk D. A completely randomized design model was used in the analysis of the physicochemical and sensory qualities of the drink. The result revealed a delicious, sweet and sinks in the heart drink. The protein content was higher in the Coconut milk compared with Date juice. Conversely, the energy content of the Date juice was higher than Coconut milk. Additionally, the energy content was for the control (100% date palm juice); Treatment B; Treatment C; and Treatment D. The protein content was 2.45% Treatment A; 3.73% Treatment B; 4.36% Treatment C and 3.08% Treatment D. The fat content was also highest for Treatment C >B>D>A in that order. Highly overall acceptability was recorded for Treatments B, C and D than A. Conclusively; the drink can be drank by all and sundry without and religious taboo.



Dates,, Coconut milk,, Chemical and sensory analysis,, delicious drink