Comparative Analysis of Academic performance of Junior High School Athletes and Non-Athletes in Komenda, Edina, Eguafo and Abrim Municipality, Central Region, Ghana

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Humanities and Social studies, Rajnagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India


It is a widely held view that participation in school sports activities affects academic performance. This study therefore sought to examine the academic performance of Junior High School athletes and non-athletes in the Komenda, Edina, Eguafo and Abrim Municipality in Central Region, Ghana, to determine if participants in organised school sports activities (athletes) performed better or poorer academically compared to non-participants (non-athletes). A descriptive research design was used for the study. The sample used for the study was 946 (649 non-athletes and 297 athletes) form three students who wrote the 2014 Mock Examination, selected from eighty-eight Junior High Schools in the Central Region of Ghana. A Proforma Form was used to gather secondary data, consisting of examination scores and sports status of students, for the study. Percentages and the Independent Sample t-test were used to analyze data. The findings showed that there were no significant differences in academic performance between athletes and non-athletes at the Junior High School levelin the municipality. The implication is that students should be encouraged to participate in school sports activities sinceparticipation did not affect academic performance. It is recommended that the Ghana Education Service should put in place policies that encourage stakeholders to sustain participation in school sports activities.



Academic performance,, athlete,, junior high school, sports participation,, non-athlete,