Web-Based Interface for Control of Bank Staff Fraud

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Computing, Information Systems, Development Informatics & Allied Research Journal (CISDIAR)


Fraud is a big business deal and it is increasing every year. Fraud involves one or more persons who intentionally act in secret in order to deprive another of something of value for their own gain and benefit. Fraud is as old as humanity and it can take uncountable number of forms. Bank fraud is not new in the Nigerian Banking Industry but the rate at which bank staff are involved in bank fraud calls for serious attention and intervention. A lot of individuals and organizations yearly loose resources worth billions of naira to bank fraud which are perpetrated by bank staff. Hence, urgent measures should be taken to curb and control the involvement of bank staff in fraudulent acts. In this paper, we carried out a computational method of controlling bank staff fraud by using a data mining technique which is based on ledger assessment and job rotation. The technique of controlling bank staff fraud introduced in this work cannot be influenced by the bank management and the bank staff cannot predetermine when his ledger would be assessed or when his job would be rotated. The Fraud control system provides a web-based interface that was designed using PHP as a scripting language, with MYSQL relational database on Apache server under Windows 7 operating system platform and using CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and HTML.



Fraud, Embezzlement, Bank, Job Rotation