Spirituality of Environmental Justice and Human Development in Africa: An Appraisal

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Department of History and International Studies, Kogi State University


At the beginning of the third millennium, the natural environment faces a lot of pressure that seriously endanger the deeply complex balance that sustains the richly interrelated diversity of ail forms of life. The environmental crisis is commanding the attention of people in various disciplines of life: politics, economies, health, religion. history and so on. Discussions on the concern for the environment and authentic human development revolve around areas of ecology. But less attention has been given to the historical causes and worldviews that have generated today's environmental crisis. Therefore, this paper adopts the historical and analytical approaches to investigate the root causes and worldviews that have made the environment to face serious challenges. The paper proposes a new spirituality of the environment that would enhance integral human development, and conclusively maintains that onslaught on the environment usually has multiple effects on the well-being of people. Hence, the urgent need to adopt new spirituality toward the natural environment.



Spirituality, Environment, Crisis, Sustenance, Diversity