Paradigm Shift in Assessment: From Assessment of Learning to Assessment for Learning in Nigeria Schools' System

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Faculty of Science and Education, Federal University, Dutsima, Katsina State, Nigeria


Assessment is an indispensable tool in the school system for determining students’ academic performance. The paper examines paradigm shift in assessment from assessment of learning to assessment for learning in the Nigerian schools’ system. Paradigm shift in the field of educational evaluation and assessment in Nigerian educational system is to ensure that assessment achieves its basic purpose and objective, which to improve students’ learning. The paper reviews the concepts, types and shift in assessment. The paper recommends that school administrators, teachers and other educational stakeholders should not rely solely on the data derived from assessment of learning which basically categories students into brilliant and dull individuals but maintain balance in two forms of assessment so as to achieve quality and basic purpose of assessment in Nigerian schools and to conform with the best practices by school teachers worldwide. The effective use of assessment for learning must be mandatory for all teachers in Nigerian schools.



Assessment for learning, Assessment of learning, Paradigm shift