Effects of genotypes on Body weight and Morphometric body parameters in some adult Nigerian Local Chickens based on Normal and Rare feather types

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The Korean Society of Animal Breeding and Genomics.


Haemoglobin polymorphism in some adult local chickens of the North Central region of Nigeria was determined using cellulose acetate electrophoresis. Blood samples were collected from one hundred and eleven (111) local chickens. The chickens included 94 normal feathers and 7, 6 and 4, respectively for the rare feather gene types (frizzle; FF, silky; sh and Naked neck ; Nana). Genotype frequencies were calculated using simple descriptive statistics and subjected to Chi square analysis to determine how the observed distribution of haemoglobin types in the chickens fits with the expected. From the total number of observation the results showed that, 24.32, 43.24 and 32.43% of the population were HbAA, HbAB and HbBB, respectively. Eighty six (86) females and 25 males were studied and the frequencies of haemoglobin type were 22, 38 and 26 for Hb AA, Hb AB and Hb BB, respectively for the females while 20% of the male were Hb AA 40% were obtained for HbAB and HbBB . The normal feathered chickens had 21 Hb AA, 44Hb AB and 29 HbBB, the frizzle feather chickens had 3 Hb AA and Hb BB and 1 Hb AB, Silky feathers chickens in the population studied had 1 HbAA, 2 HbAB and 3 HbBB while Naked neck had 2 HbAA, 1 HbAB and 1 HbBB. The Chi square analysis results indicated that all the populations were of different haemoglobin type and distribution of observed frequencies fits into the expected with lower Chi test values obtained for all genotypes in the factors considered. Haemoglobin genotypes detected affected body weight, body girth, and beak length, while feather types affected body height and shank diameters among the population of chickens studied. This study indicated that the population of chickens with adaptive rare feather gene is low. Also, majority of the Nigerian local chickens studied had more of heterozygotes Hb AB and homozygotes recessive Hb BB haemoglobin type, thus concerted effort to conserve Nigerian local chickens with homozygote Hb AA haemoglobin type is recommended .



Electrophoresis, Haemoglobin type, Frizzle, Naked Neck, and Silky