Historical Development of Religious Studies Education in Nigeria: Issues, Challenges and Prospects.

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The Faculty of Arts, Akwa Ibom State University, Obio-Akpa, Nigeria


The history of development of religion and religious studies is as long as history of the existence of man on earth. Hardly the history of a particular cultural group or a certain nation been told without reference been made to their spiritual aspect of live. The spirituality in people’s culture however depicts religiosity. However, in the contemporary societies, it appears that little or no interest is being given to religious studies. Thus, this study is carried out to examine the development of religious studies (Christian /Islamic Studies) in Nigeria.In doing so, both historical and analytical methods were employed. The researchers relied on primary and secondary sources of data. The data are subjected to critical analysis in other arrive at tangible conclusions.It was concluded that in spite of the unattractive status enjoyed by Religious Studies under the auspices of Nigerian education system, Religious Studies remain significant channels for inculcation of moral values. Owing to the prospects of Religious Studies, it is recommended that there is a strong need to rise to the challenges of Religious Studies and create an enabling atmosphere for effective teaching and learning of both Christian and Islamic Religious Studies.


The study was historical review