Effect of Corporate Culture on Organizational Innovativeness

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the Kardan University, Kabul, , Afghanistan


‎‎ The relationship between corporate culture and organizational innovation has been the subject of debate by ‎researchers for over four decades. The objectives of the study were to: evaluate the influence of an organization’s mission as an element of organizational culture on product and service innovation; examine the effect of consistency as an element of organizational culture on process innovation; and a ‎questionnaire was designed using structured questions to obtain data from employees in the five ‎branches of Guarantee Trust Bank in Ilorin metropolis, Kwara State, Nigeria. A total of 150 ‎copies of questionnaires were administered, of which 132 were properly filled out and returned. ‎The formulated hypotheses were tested using regression analysis with the aid of SPSS version 25. The findings revealed that organization mission has an effect on product and service innovation ‎with an R2 value of 0.683; consistency influences process innovation with an R2 value of 0.609. ‎Therefore, the study recommended, among other things, that organizational mission should be shared ‎amongst employees to enable them to contribute innovatively to the achievement of organizational ‎goals. Organizational value should also be shared amongst employees as it will enable them to act in ‎the interest of the organization at all times.



Corporate Culture, Organization’s Mission, Consistency, Employee Involvement, ‎Organizational Innovativeness, Element of Organizational Culture