Role of Language and Religion in Curbing Domestic Violence in Nigeria

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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


It is not a concept but a fact that wherever and whenever people come together to achieve certain goal, there must be some misunderstandings by the way because of differences in ideologies and perspectives which has to be settled to retain the togetherness and to make the goal achievable. The utmost goal of marriage is to promote love, peace and tranquillity that would spread from the couple to the home, to the neighbourhood, to the community, to the towns, to the cities, to the nation and to the world at large. It is not a gainsaying that language, culture and religion play enviable roles in actualising marital peace and stability. However, it is observed that the rate of marital/domestic violence in Nigeria is alarming, a nation that is regarded as the most religious in the world, and characterised by numerous indigenous languages and rich cultural values. This paper therefore intends to bring forth some possible and bearable remedies to the problem of marital/domestic violence in Nigeria using internal mechanisms from language and religion to foster peace and tranquillity.



Language, Religion, Domestic, Violence