Perceived Influence of ICT on Teaching and Learning of Physical Education in Private Secondary Schools in Ilorin South Local Government

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Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education, Faculty of Education. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria


Information and communication technology is an electronic device used for accessing, processing, gathering, manipulating, presenting and communicating information. This study examined perceive influence of Information and communication technology on teaching and learning of physical education in private secondary schools in Ilorin South. The variables investigated are: - classroom management, classroom size, time allotted, students’ concentration and teachers’ presentation. Descriptive research of survey method was adopted. The population consist of (114) teachers in private secondary schools in Ilorin South Local Government Area, Randomization technique of fish bowl was used to select twenty (20) private secondary schools. Simple random sampling technique was used to selected three (3) physical education teachers from each school making a total of sixty (60) respondents. The researcher instrument was Questionnaire, validated by three (3) experts in the field of Human Kinetics Education, University of Ilorin. Test re-test method was used for the reliability. Data collection was conducted by the researcher and two (2) trained research assistants. Frequency and percentage were used for the data analysis, the findings revealed that all the variables were significant determinants of teaching physical education in private secondary schools in Ilorin South Local Government. The study recommends that Information communication technology should be used in the teaching and learning of Physical Education in private schools in Ilorin South Local Government for effective use of time allotted.



Teaching, Learning, Physical Education, ICT