Relationship between parental background and performance of civic education students towards sustainable development in Ilorin South, Nigeria

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Association of Sociologists of Education of Nigeria (ASEN).


Education is an indispensable key and a social pillar of the Nigeria vision 2020 towards achievement of sustainable development. On this basis, the study investigated the relationship between parental background and civic education students’ performance towards sustainable development in Ilorin South Local Government area. This study focused on variables such as; parental occupation, parental level of education and family size. Proportionate sampling technique was adopted for selection of 234 respondents out of 633. A researchers’ designed questionnaire with psychometrics properties of content validity and 0.76 reliability index was used to elicit the needed data from the respondents. Descriptive statistical tools were used to analyze the collected data. The findings revealed that 59% respondents passed civic education in their last external examination while 41% failed the subject. The findings showed that there was a positive relationship between parental background and performance of Civic Education students’ in the area. As a result of these findings, it was recommended that parents should be more passionate, and they should be ready to play significant roles in their children academic performance.



performance, civic education students, parental background