Optimal Control Analysis of Effect of HAART On Immune Cells Against HIV Infection. Advances in Mathematics

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Advances in Mathematics Scientific Journal 7 (2), 89–107


A non-linear deterministic mathematical model for the transmission dynamics of HIV infection within the body system of an infected individual was formulated for analysis. Multiplication of the virus at the detriment of the immune system of the body (notably the CD4-T-cells and Macrophages) is the effect of introduction of small amount of the virus into the body system of previously susceptible individual. The study aimed at looking into the effect of education, early diagnosis of the infection through proper screening and early treatment of the body as a means of helping the body to stay healthier for a longer period of time. The model developed was analysed for existence of solution, equilibria states (Infection Free Equilibrium I.F.E and Endemic State Equilibrium E.S.E). Local and Global Analysis of the effective reproduction number was done and the result shows that I.F.E is both locally and globally stable if R0 < 1 otherwise the infection spreads in the body. The optimal effect of using Highly Active Anti-Retrovirus Therapy (HAART) as an improved means to ART was considered. The result show that HAART is capable of removing the infected cells quicker thereby reducing the viral burden of the infection in the immune system.



HAART, Optimal Control, Reproduction Number, Infection Free Equilibrium, Endemic State Equilibrium


8. O. Odetunde, J. Lawal, H. O. Edogbanya and M. O. Ibrahim (2018). Optimal Control Analysis of Effect of HAART on Immune Cells Against HIV Infection. Advances in Mathematics: Scientific Journal 7 (2), 89–107