Empirical Evidence of Auditors' Perception on the Effectiveness of Forensic Accounting Procedures in North-Central Nigeria

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Faculty of Management Science, Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria


The consequence of ill creasing rate of financial fraud such as individual and social economic losses has led to business failure and emotional problem experienced by victims of fraudsters. These also led to loss of confidence in the stakeholders of the clean reports on financial statements certified by the auditors which called for suitable methods for detecting and preventing fraud. This study therefore examined the auditors' perception of the forensic accounting procedures in north-central of Nigeria. Ordered logistic regression was used on 178 copies of questionnaire administered on auditors ill auditing firms, internal auditors and accountants of banks, industries and Public Sectors in the study area. The study reveals that forensic accounting procedures have significant relationship on financial reporting fraud and misappropriation. The study also explicitly revealed forensic accounting effectiveness for detection on each of the above components of fraud. The study recommends that forensic accountants he employed by all the anti-corruption agencies to be effective and efficient in fishing out fraudulent activities in the economy and that various standards board's should make it a policy/or the independent auditors to employ forensic accountants ill their independent audits.



Forensic Accounting, Misappropriation, Fraud and fraud Detection