Design and Construction of an Automatic Home and Office Power Control System

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FUOYE Journal of Engineering and Technology (FUOYEJET)


In homes and offices, it is very common for occupants to forget to switch OFF the lighting and fans when leaving the premises. This can be attributed to human forgetfulness and the epileptic power supply which causes interruption that results in users forgetting the state of their appliances (whether they are ON or OFF). Consequently, these appliances would continue to work whenever power is restored when the occupants might have vacated the premise. This action is not a small contributor to energy wastage in a country like Nigeria where there is an inadequate energy supply to go round the populace. In this work, a simple but robust automatic home and office power control system is developed to auto-detect the presence of an occupant in the room through the passive infrared (PIR) sensor and control the electrical appliances (lighting and fan source) in the room. Certain conditions must be met for the operation of lighting and the fan source. The lighting comes up when the PIR sensor senses the presence of an occupant and the room is in darkness, while the fan would work when there is an occupant and the temperature in the room is above 35 °C. These conditions are programmed to suit the need of the occupant but cannot be changed by the user. The device automatically switches OFF within five minutes after the last occupant leaves the room.



Home Automation, Microcontroller, Passive infrared (PIR) sensor, Solid State Relay (SSR), and Switching