Cox Survival Modeling of Neonatal Mortality in Nigeria

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Nigeria Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences.


Nigeria continues to have one of the highest rates of neonatal deaths in Africa. This study investigates risk factors associated with neonatal deaths in Nigeria adopting the 2013 Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS). Neonatal deaths of all singleton live-born infants were extracted from the 2013 NDHS. The 2013 NDHS was a multi-stage cluster sample survey of 38, 948 households. Of these households, complete cases of 1443 survival information were extracted including 879 cases of neonatal mortality. Using the traditional Cox Regression model, Significant factors that affected neonatal deaths were: mother’s level of education, residence type, size of the child, sex of the child, timing of breastfeeding initiation and number of antenatal visits. The study suggests that the Nigerian government needs to invest more in the healthcare system to ensure quality care for women and newborns to reduce avoidable neonatal deaths in Nigeria.



Neonatal, Risk factors,, Mortality,, Cox Regression.