Development of an Efficient Onotological Algorithm for Information Retrieval

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The Zambia Library Association Journal


The amount of content stored and shared on the Web and other document repositories is increasing fast and continuously. This enlargement results in well-known difficulties and problems, such as finding and properly managing all the existing amount of information. Recordable progress has been achieved in the last decade with the development of search engine technologies, which collect, store and pre-process this information to return relevant resources in response to users’ needs. Nevertheless, users still need extra efforts sometimes to reach their targets, even if the retrieved information is present in the search space. The motivation for Semantic Web has been a search model which employs the use of semantics for Information Retrieval. In this paper, an efficient algorithm using full ontology for Knowledge Based (KB) to improve search over large documents stored on the web or other repositories is proposed. The approach employs ontology Knowledge Based (KB) as document repository for fast retrieval, automatic semantic indexing based on Ontology KB for both upper-level and domain specific. Also, integration of Query Expansion was employed as to unbind all constraints of original user’s query for better retrieval system performance. It was concluded that the added value of semantic information retrieval over traditional keyword-based retrieval has helped to achieve better precision through query weight and better recall through semantic relations. The proposed algorithm is robust, flexible and efficient. The algorithm can be useful in digital libraries, information filtering, media search and search engines. Keywords: Algorithm, Ontology, Informational Retrieval, Semantic, Domain Specific, Web.



Algorithm, Ontology, Informational Retrieval,, Semantic,, Domain Specific,, Web