Sino-Nigeria Economic Relations 1990-2009

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The history of man has been marked with interactions both at the level of individuals and politics. Nations have been known to be in a continuous interaction so that man at the centre would achieve his chief goal, which is true happiness and fulfillment. Thus, the continuous interaction of man at all levels has lent credence to the popular saying that 'no man lives in isolation'. Therefore, nations interact with one another for the benefit of mankind and as well as to assist and support in areas some nations are deficient and incapacitated. The foregoing bears fang on the long standing relationship existing between China and Nigeria since 1970's, but specifically the period 2007-2009. To this end this paper attempts an appraisal of the Sion-Nigerian Economic Relations 2007-2009, the benefits, matters, arising and the prospect of these relations.



Globalization, Bilateralism, Multilateralism, Economic Inequality, Imperialism,