Nutrigenetic Effect of Moringa oleifera Seed Meal on the Biological Growth Programme of Young Broiler Chickens.

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AGROSEARCH (A journal of Agriculture Food and Development), Faculty of Agriculture University of Ilorin.


A Nutrigenetic study of the effects of graded levels (0%, 5% and 10%) of undecorticated undefatted Moringa oleifera Seed Meal (UUMOSM) on the biological growth programme of 48 young broilers of two genotypes (Marshall and Arbor Acres) was conducted. Rates of change (%) of Body Weight (WTR), Length (BLR) and Girth (BGR), and Lengths of Shank (SLR), Thigh (TLR), Wing (WLR) and Keel (KLR) between 1 and 4 weeks age were measured. The effect of Genotype and Diet on growth rate was defined by fitting a univariate General Linear Model, while the strength of relationship between traits was examined by use of Pearson's bivariate correlation method. Only BLR was significantly (P<0.05) affected by genotype, while diet significantly (P<0.05) determined WTR, BGR, TLR, WLR, and KLR. Significant (P<0.05) effects of Genotype x Diet interaction on WTR, BLR, BGR, WLR and KLR were observed. The level of correlation between trait rates varied with increasing levels of UUMOSM in both genotypes; exhibiting a direct, inverse, parabola or inverted parabola shaped relationship curve. These results showed that subtle variations in dietary levels of UUMOSM significantly influence the biological growth programme of young broilers, with implications for size and interrelationship of body parts, including shape/conformation. They further showed that substructures within populations such as clusters with non-overlapping nutritional habits (voluntary or forced) influence overall population estimates of inter-trait relationships. The transcriptomic (gene expression) and metabonomic correlates of the phenomenon reported here will be examined in further studies and should yield evidence of underlying mechanisms.



Moringa oleifera seed meal, Broiler, Growth rate, Correlationand Regression.