Electrical Network Reliability and Failure Projection with increase in installations: Case Study, University of Ilorin, Nigeria.

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Faculty of Engineering, University of Ilorin.


Reliability is a key aspect of power system design and planning. In this research we present a reliability assessment of University of Ilorin electricity network. The focus of this paper is to analyse the contributory effect of electrical installations, majorly domestic and some industrial loads on the reliability of electrical network. This work use data of electrical failure cases from the University of Ilorin community, and categorized the failure reports based on their failure type. It also, gives an insight on how to project the system reliability effect for any consequent electrical faults or unplanned installation. The study here evaluated the reliability over a time period of about two years. The reliability indices for load points and the overall system were obtained using exponential distributed model.


This work was presented at the 3rd Annual Conference of Civil Engineering, University of Ilorin 2011


Electrical Network, Failure, Reliability


In the proceeding of the 3rd Annual Conference of Civil Engineering, University of Ilorin, Nigeria