Impact of Organisational Culture on Employees’ Performance in Selected Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria


The various studies on organisational culture have shown that employees in most of the business organisations in Nigeria today are operating under the whims and caprices of the owner’s established beliefs, values and norms which are usually difficult to change as environment changes. Failure in the attempt to properly capture the interest of the employees when addressing this, usually generate the exhibition of some attitudes and behaviours that are inconsistent with the company’s best interests. Therefore, this study examines the impact of organizational culture on employees’ performance with reference to selected Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. The study adopted a survey research design. Primary data was used to obtain the needed information through structured questionnaire. Out of 634 permanent staff of the selected pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria, simple random sampling technique was used to select a sample of 239 respondents. Multiple regression used to test the formulated hypothesis. The result of the regression showed that organizational culture has significant impact on employees’ performance (R Square of 0.684, p-value=0.0001). The study concludes that organization culture has a significant relationship as well as a good influence on employees’ performance. Also, significant differences exist in the level of adherence to the identified cultural dimensions. The study therefore recommended that the Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria should promote organisational culture, especially by paying more attention to detail so as to yield positive and significant contribution to employees’ performance.



Organisational Culture, Employees’ Performance, Norms and Value