Problems and Prospects of African Traditional Medicine in Nigeria

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Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, University of Ilorin.


Traditional medicine is the oldest known method of healing the sick. Traditional medicine is being used all over the world for the treatment of all ailments. Inadequate access to modern medicine coupled with high cost of drugs to treat diseases in Nigeria may have contributed to the widespread of use of traditional medicine. In spite of this contributions, however traditional medicine has has been marginalized and its value to communities underplayed. It is within this context that, this paper examines the problems and prospect and prospect of African Traditional Medicine in Nigeria. However, Integration of traditional medicine to national health programs would invariably go against the situation at which successive governments in Nigeria have continued to neglect this indigenous health care issue in their health policy. After the analysis of the various challenges, the paper then recommends that, there is a need for urgent investment and support of traditional healers and traditional medicine- not only government, but also by civil society and private sector.



African Traditional Medicine, Healthcare, Health Policy, Traditional Healers