Perception of economics undergraduates on non-usage of university's ICT platform in teaching economics in university of Ilorin

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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)


This study investigated the perception of economics undergraduate on non-usage of university's ICT platform in teaching economics at the University of Ilorin. Descriptive research of survey type was adopted in this study. The population of this study consists of all Economics undergraduate in the departments of Economic and Economics Education (of the social sciences education department) which is estimated at 937 students. A sample of 278 respondents was drawn randomly in this study. A Researcher’s Designed questionnaire with psychometric properties of content validity and 0.71r was used to elicit the needed. Data collected were analysed with descriptive statistics of frequency counts, percentages, means and standard deviation while the hypotheses formulated were tested using inferential statistics of t-test and ANOVA at 0.05 alpha level. The study revealed that lecturer’s philosophy, lack of appropriate skills, incompatible classroom environment, limited lecture hours and non-satisfaction with ICT results, among others are perceived as reasons for non-usage of ICT platforms for teaching economics. The study, therefore, recommended that the use of visual Google classroom at all levels of the teaching by the university administration should be encouraged.



Perception, Reasons, ICT Platforms and Non-Usage.