Perceived Usefulness of E-books by Undergraduates in Two Selected Private Universities in Kwara State, Nigeria

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Ilorin Varsity International Journal of Library & Information Science


Abstract This study examined the perceived usefulness of e-books by undergraduate students in two selected private universities in Kwara State, Nigeria. Survey design was adopted while the target population was undergraduate students from Al-Hikman and Landmark Universities. Three research questions were developed to guide the study. The findings on the students’ preference for e-books to printed books reveal that majority of the undergraduates indicated preference for e- book to print book. Findings show that undergraduates use e-books because it allow multiple access and use from remote locations, possession of better quality graphics, display flexibilities and colour. Similarly, they can easily copy and paste from e-books, couple with ease of storage, ease of reading on the screen and ease of sharing among colleagues. The findings further reveal that majority of undergraduates use e-books 2 to 3 times a month, followed by once in a month and 2 to 3 times a week. Majority of undergraduates perceived e-books is useful because it allows them to download and bookmark for future reference; and also that e-books contains citations and hyperlinks that links to other useful resources. The major challenges reported confronting undergraduates in their use of e-boos are development of eye problem, inadequate access to the internet and incessant power outage. Based on the findings, the study recommend among others that since majority of respondents prefer e-books, the two universities are encourage to make provision for more e-books. Doing this may perhaps change the mind of the limited percentage that indicated preference for print books over e books.



Keywords: Perceived usefulness, Electronic books, Use of electronic books, Private universities, Undergraduate students.