Influence of Resources on Employee Job Performance in Hospitality Industry in Ilorin South, Ilorin Kwara State

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Published by The Society for Home Economists in Nigeria


Resources are vital to the work environment and have directly affected the human performance, contribution to organization goals and subtly changed interpersonal interactions and thus productivity. This study examined the influence of resources on employee job performance in hospitality industry in Ilorin South, Ilorin Kwara State. Five research objectives were raised, and they translated to research questions, three hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance.Survey research design was adopted for the study. The population of the study comprised both junior and senior staff of the hospitality industry in Ilorin South Local Government Area numbering five hundred and four (504). 29.7% of the total population was used to arrive at a total number of (150) employee that constituted the study sample. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive (frequency, percentages, mean and standard deviation), also inferential statistics such Pearson Product Moment Correlation. The study revealed that training motivates employees to be more committed towards organizational goals(97.9%), training helps improve overall required skills (80.7%)in hospitality industry, adequate rest periods (74.7%), reward system (74.7%), provision of necessary material resources (70%) and accomplishment of tasks with limited human resource (72%) have positive influence on their job performance. The result also revealed that being a particular gender (72%) does not have influence on job performance, it also revealed that years of working experience (66%) determine the utilization of resources, knowledge on utilization of resources (77.7%), and experience (74.7%) play significant roles in job performance of employees. The result also revealed that there is significant relationship between availability of adequate human and materials resources and employees job performance. (p=0.000). The study concludes that resources influence the job performance of hospitality staff. Based on the findings, the study recommends that hospitality industry should provide adequate inputs and measures for employees to promote high level of job performance.