Issues, Challenges and Prospect of Christian Association of Nigeria

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Department of Religious Studies, Veritas University, Abuja.


The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) was founded in 1976 as an umbrella body of Churches in Nigeria. It was founded particularly as a response to securing religious peace, improving the interest of Christians in serious participation in public affairs. And more interesting is the fact that in the sequence of political appointments, there is always the underground network in an attempt to protect the interest of Christians. In point of fact, the role played in the development and growth of Christianity in Nigeria by CAN cannot be underestimated. Despite the impacts of the Association, there are some systemic challenges facing it. These challenges include: doctrinal differences, ethnic and denominational challenges, proliferation of churches, commercialization of Christianity among others. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to assess the challenges faced by CAN. As a result, the paper adopted historical, descriptive and analytical methods; employing primary and secondary sources as tools of getting information leading to the fact that the activities of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) are not without issues and challenges. The paper therefore postulates that in spite of its challenges the body will continue to represent and sensitize the Church on the need to unite. To this end, the paper concludes that CAN should not stop playing advisory roles to the government and enhance the need to improve Church growth in Nigeria.



Issues, Challenges, Prospects, CAN