Analysis of Spatial Pattern Event Centres Ilorin Metropolis Nigeria

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Association of Nigerian Geographers


Event Centre is significant to the theme and audience of the event. The aim of this study is to examine the pattern of distribution of event Centres. The set objectives of this study are to : identify the categories of event Centres ; assess ownership of pattern of event Centres and their locational pattern with reference to Ilorin Metropolis. Both primary and secondary data were used for data collection. Purposive sampling technique was adopted in selecting a total number of sixty -six event centres. Both descriptive(charts and tables ) and inferential statistics(multiple regression analysis) were used to analyse data collected to achieve the set objectives. results obtained indicate that there were two major categories of event centres; attached (54%) and detached(46%) and with respect to ownership, privately owned event centres are more than 63% while those owned by institutional and religious bodies came at 37%.the result of multiple regression analysis showed that accessibility, cost of land, security, parking lot, internal floor space occupied, distance to the tarred road and fence contributed (67.2%;p<0.05) to all the factors influencing the distribution of event . The study, therefore recommends a policy framework for the establishment of event centres, inclusion in new layouts and involvement of traffic regulators(Kwara State Traffic Management ).



tourism ,events, distribution ,destination, venue