Corporate Culture and Religious Rites: Implications for Organizational Development in Ilorin Metropolis


Humans have practiced some form of religion since the dawn of time. We have sought for solace in religion when faced by unexplainable questions of human existence. From womb to tomb, we are socialized into the particular beliefs that lend credence to the events of this life. To reinforce one’s belief, rites have to be performed by the believer often in a regularly scheduled fashion. However, the individual is in some cases unable to carry out these rites while at work. Here, corporate culture faces of with religion, seeking to assert dominance over the other and have the largest sway on the actions of the individual. It is on this basis that this study looks into the corporate culture of organizations in Ilorin metropolis to find out how as well as on what basis it hinders the employees from practicing the rites of their religion as well as how their face off affects organizational development in Ilorin metropolis To accomplish this research plan, the study made use of the survey method with multistage sampling used to select 350 respondents. Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) was used to analyze the quantitative data. The simple percentage method and chi square were used to analyze the quantitative data. The study found out that Muslim employees have their rites choked out more than Christians under the yoke of corporate culture. This research also discovered that human capital flight occurs largely as a result of clashes with the organization’s dress code, when attributed to religious matters. The study as well discovered that females are robbed of their rites more than males. Centered on these discoveries, the study recommends that attempts should be made to reconcile an organization’s culture with the employees’ religious needs. A happy employee will obviously be able to contribute more to the achievement of the organization’s goal than an unhappy one bothered by religious infidelity.



Religion, Rites, Corporate, Culture, Organization


Raji, A., Muhammed, A. Y., Raji, K. O., Joseph, A. O. & Raji, A. A. (2017): Corporate Culture and Religious Rites: Implications for Organizational Development in Ilorin Metropolis. Wukari Journal of Public Sector Management. 1(1); 155-172. Published by Department Public Administration, Federal University Wukari, Wukari.