Perspective of Neighbourhood Preference: A study of Ilorin City, Nigeria

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School of Environmental Technology, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria


Previous studies have long-established a strong relationship between neighbourhood and the kind of environment to which and individual has been exposed and life chances available to him. Attributes of neighbourhoods and the experience provided have been found to affect people’s capabilities in terms of their ideas, achievements in life, as well as their socio-economic development. This has made studies on neighbourhood preferences attractive. This paper is an attempt to identify the category of and preference for neighbourhoods by residents in Ilorin metropolis, Kwara State, Nigeria. Data used were collected through a systematic random sampling of 334 households with the aid of structured questionnaire. Descriptive analysis was used to analyse and present data. Finding of the study revealed that 38% of the households had preference for the high income residential neighbourhoods irrespective of ethnic background or level of income. That neighbourhood preference is not dependent on socio-economic status or background of individuals but on perception of the attributes of a neighbourhood. However, the study confirmed that the actual ability to reside in the preferred residential zones is highly determined by socio-economic factors such as the level of income. The study recommends recreating the kind of layouts that exist in the high income residential zones in all other neighbourhoods within the city by stakeholders. However, in the course of recreation, government should endeavour to embark on urban renewal projects in the core traditional area housing most of the low income neighbourhoods, though citizens participation must be garnered to ensure that government projects are supported by the ultimate end users.



Environment, Neighbourhood, Preference, Residential Zones, Urban