Role of Nigerian Universities Academia in Promoting Quality Adult Education for Sustainable Development.

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Nigerian National Council for Adult Education (NNCAE)


Abstract The paper discussed problem facing adult education over the decade in Nigeria ranging from inadequate funding, inconsistence government policy, poor personnel among others. Policy makers on education pay little or no attention to adult education despite it aimed at promoting the needs and aspiration of people for sustainable development. It is on this premise, the paper discussed the emergence of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the place of adult education within the universities, the role of Nigerian universities academia in promoting quality adult education for sustainable development, identifies the programmes of adult education relevant to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). The paper recommend that the government through National Universities Commission should direct all universities in Nigeria offering adult education to direct their researches towards developmental issues affecting humanities within their host communities for sustainable development. Key words: Nigerian Universities Academia, Quality Adult Education, Sustainable Development


Journal of Nigerian National Council for Adult Education. 23 (2), 22-33.


Nigerian Universities Academia,, Quality Adult Education,, Sustainable Development