Kinetics and mechanism of ruthenium(iii)-catalyzed oxidation of glycine by cerium(iv) ions in acidic medium

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Bangladesh Chemical Society


Kinetics of oxidation of glycine in acidic solution of cerium(IV) ions in presence of ruthenium(III) ions were studied. The reactions were found to be first-order with respect to [glycine], [Ru(III)] and [Ce(IV)]. The rate is proportional to [H+] while the rates was decreased with increasing [Ce(IV)], [HSO4-] and ionic strength of the medium. The observed kinetic data and the spectroscopic evidence lead to the conclusion that HCHO, (NH3+),-COOH, [RuCl2(H2O)4]+ and Ce(SO4)2 were the reactive species of glycine, Ru(III) chloride and cerium(IV) ions, respectively. Based on the kinetic data, the mechanism of the reaction for the catalytic path was proposed. It was found that Ru(III) chloride forms an intermediate complex, which subsequently reacts with the active form of Ce(IV) to yield the product with regeneration of Ru(III). Activation parameters were evaluated and provided further support to the proposed mechanism.



Cerium(IV), glycine, kinetics, ruthenium(III) chloride, activation parameters, catalysis