A History of Nupe Settlers in Ilorin and their Settlement Pattern: 19th Century to 20th Century

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Ilorin Journal of History and International Studies


Ilorin is an heterogeneous community with people of such ethnic backgrounds as Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani, Kanuri and Nupe constituting the community. Even though, the Yoruba language is without doubt the lingua franca of Ilorin people, tribal marks, family names and compound names are enough testimonies to the ethnic backgrounds of almost all indigenes of the town. The aim of this paper is not only to identify the families that are of Nupe background in Ilorin, but also to describe the process of their integration into the community. In this context, the indigenes with Nupe antecedents would be distinguished from the later settlers, who are the first or second generations of their families in Ilorin. Thus, this paper adopts an analytical and structural approach to trace the history of the people of Nupe background in Ilorin. The research work traces the history of the first Nupe settlers to the town, during its formative years, and those who came after them. Again, brief histories of important personages in the history of Ilorin among these people are discussed. It is important to stress here that the latter Nupe settlers, who are not the principal focus of this work are briefly discussed for the purpose of historical clarity and on the theme of Nupe migrants as settlers in Ilorin.



Ilorin, Nupe, Akata, Exegete, Yoruba, Ojagboro, Okesuna, Tapa, Settlers, Patigi, Bida, Gambari, Katanba, Mufassir, Man-Gangayo, Migrants, Proselytizer


Yusuf, S.D., A History of Nupe Settlers in Ilorin and their Settlement Pattern: 19th Century to 20th Century, in Ilorin Journal of History and International Studies, Vol.6 No.1 2016